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Washington, D.C.
Washington DC.png
Location Washington D.C., United States
Game Tom Clancy's EndWar
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Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States of America. All civilian and military authority for the U.S. resides within or nearby this city, making it a vitally important area of control to the U.S. war effort.

Assault & Conquest missions[]

This is a large battlefield with both open areas and areas with lots of buildings. It is interesting to try a strategy that uses primarily infantry. Secure the uplink closest to your deployment zone. Then send pairs of squads to the north and south to begin securing uplinks there. The goal is to take control of at least five uplinks so you can control the majority. After your infantry squads have secured and upgraded your uplinks, garrison them in buildings near the uplinks, from where they can attack enemies trying to get to your uplinks.

The uplinks to the north and south are right among buildings. Send infantry to secure these locations and to engage enemy infantry with the same type of mission.

Most of the fighting takes place in the large open piece of land stretching from Foxtrot to Lima.

Use the vantage point of one of your gunship units. It helps you sight enemy units in the distance so you can prepare a response before they get into range to attack.

After upgrading uplinks, start calling in air strikes on enemy units or buildings in which infantry are garrisoned.

Siege mission[]

Siege Washington.png

The attacker should send in tanks, transports, and gunships towards Lima to wipe out any enemies blocking the way. Use artillery to help get rid of the drones and other enemy units. Be sure to send a couple riflemen squads to secure Alpha and Yankee at the same time and upgrade them for support. Then send in riflemen to secure Lima to win the mission. If playing as the defender, put some engineers in the bunkers near the deployment zone after upgrading Delta and Whiskey. The defender must hold out for 15 minutes until reinforcements.

Lima is the critical uplink in Washington, D.C. It is near the eastern edge of the map.

The attacker should bring in three units of gunships and send them in to take out all of the hostile artillery units, since they pose one of the greatest threats. Expect to lose most or all of your gunships. However, it will be worth the price.

Once the artillery is destroyed, move in your tanks and artillery and destroy the defenders. After you have two uplinks upgraded for air support, call in air strikes. You must take out all tanks and combat drones as well as infantry in the bunkers.

Finally, send in your riflemen on foot to secure the critical uplink. They can take care of remaining engineers as they go.


  • The presence of skyscrapers surrounding the National Mall suggests that the Height of Buildings Act of 1910 has been repealed or amended by 2020 (an amendment in fact happened in 2014 under Barack Obama's presidency)


Washington, D.C.