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V-120 Valkyrie
V-120 Valkyrie.png
Origin USA.png United States
Role Cargo Tiltrotor
Primary user Joint Strike Force

The V-120 Valkyrie is a tilt-rotor tactical transport aircraft. It is in use by the United States Joint Strike Force.


After the V-25 Goshawk was shown to be a success, a much larger, quad-rotor version of the aircraft was created. Christened the V-120 Valkyrie, it serves as the JSF's main heavy-lift transport aircraft.



  • The V-120 is the largest transport craft in the game.
  • As with all heavy transports, it is unlikely that a V-120 would be able to carry four armoured vehicles alone. However, this is no doubt included for gameplay reasons.
  • All other transports have airframe designs that have been used on real aircraft of somewhat comparable size. The Moller Scycar is probably the only quad tilt-engine craft.
  • The V-120's design may be based off of the proposed Bell Boeing Quad TiltRotor.

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