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There may be many different ways to win the campaign, but these is always a better way to do it every time. So which one is the best? Personally, a strategy that I always use is a "Shock and Awe" approach to Special Operations. Basically, if I play the faction of the Joint Strike Force, I go constantly with Assaults and Raids. Basically, it's selecting the Schwarzkopf tanks en masse and evening it out with a smaller but still effective force of Fastback IFVs. This is a precaution against tactical enemies such as Alexi Matz, Alexei Tatarev and Nathaniel Goudie. But the key is to keep them clumped together and deploy UAVs around the enemy landing zone to watch for artillery, in which it's a good idea to utilise drones or if you have the upgrades, the UAV to destroy them. But with the clumped force of tankls and IDVs, it's imperitive to take a head on assault into the enemy. When I play as the Enforcer Corps, I play as Battlegroup 20 (Tactical) and keep it strictly limited to the Conquest, as with a fully upgraded mobility and HP IFV and Engineer squad, you can move throughout the map quickly and efficiently deploying drones at the Uplinks you capture. But to provide a distraction from the REAL threat, deploy a force of Artillery to provide long-range support and also a platoon of tanks guided with a pair of gunship units to provide close-air support in case of Artillery and Tanks. Finally, when I play as the Spetznaz Guards Brigade, I strictly keep it to Alexei Tankayev and deploy only into Assault zones and keeping to these, I make a massive "Blitzkreig" styled push for the nation's capital (Usually Washington D.C) and from there, things get interesting. For the Conquest, I keep it to a small splinter force of APCs and riflemen supported by a single unit of gunships while artillery cover over their advance. Then in battle, Ogre tanks form a single column supported by Zukhov artillery and Ka-52 Howler gunships and APCs, pushing into the middle of the map and ripping into the enemy without mercy. But for seige (And this plan of action works well with Washington D.C ;1 ), I implement a mad dash of three Engineer divisions in APCs covered with Artillery, Tanks and gunships in which all vehicles stop at the barriers and the Engineers sprint it into the uplink. Then, I utilise use of the landing zone which will then be used to drop a LOT of tanks, ultimately securing victory.

To anyone who takes some notes about this, hope it helpsĀ :)

--Suicidal Sid 12:59, November 14, 2010 (UTC)

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