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ISIS's counter to American Sniper


Flesh-eating ghosts. The long-range combat specialists of the GAC.

Squad Composition

  • Squad Leader
  • Sniper
  • Sniper


Eyes and ears behind ballistic goggles. The Squad Leader gets a set of high-powered binoculars. Flip-on NVGs are available during nighttime.




SVD (3)

For close-quarters long-range firepower, Ghouls have access to SVD semi-automatic sniper rifles (including Chinese and locally-produced copies). Firing 7.62mm x 54mmR and fitted with a PSO-1 scope, the weapon can provide accurate firepower out to a maximum of 500 meters. Anything past such distances is simply too hard to hit, even with high-quality match-grade ammunition.

Field Defenses

The following are field defenses that Ghouls are able to construct on their own.

  • M18 Claymore Mine—a remote-control anti-personnel off-route mine, designed to spew hundreds of steel buckshot in a tight fan area, pulverizing any infantry caught within 25 meters. Extremely effective against foot soldiers.
  • Anti-Tank Minefield—a clump of three Chinese-copy plastic anti-tank mines. The mine's 5kg of HE is set off by magnetic anomaly. Effective against vehicles, although easily defused by properly-equipped foot soldiers or detonated by MICLICs.
  • Sniper's Hide—a small round hole, 1 meter deep, with the excavated dirt forming a low parapet to serve as cover. Also includes camouflage netting and foliage for fieldcraft. Can stuff a 3-man squad inside, and protect them from small-arms fire.



For enhanced long-range firepower, Ghouls can get Knights Armament Company M110 semi-automatic sniper rifles. Firing boat-tail tungsten-core 7.62mm x 51mm NATO rounds and fitted with a Leupold 3.5–10× variable power daytime optic set, it has the accuracy to lay down lead to 1000 meters. Greatly enhances range and precision.


Being higher-value specialized infantry, Ghouls get PASGT armor and camouflage fatigues. They provide them with protection from shrapnel and pistol ammunition. They are also trained in GAC's own sniper school for stealthy movement, wilderness survival and tracking, and concealment skills.


Ghillie Suits

To provide even better camouflage, Ghouls can get hand-crafted Ghille suits. Now, they're really invisible ghosts.


Ghouls march on their feet, and are trained to endure road marches through terrible conditions and still be able to accurately provide fire support at long-range targets.