The M5A2 Schwarzkopf is an advanced 4th generation main battle tank used by the United States Joint Strike Force. It was engineered to excel at long range fighting and be capable of quickly adapting to both offensive and defensive operations. The Schwarzkopf is the only MBT that does not utilize an autoloader by default but employs stealth technology and advanced artificial intelligence. Its mobility is high but short of the European Federation Panther 1A3.


  • M377 120mm L/55 smoothbore cannon
    • A new concentrically balanced gun, borrowing many design features of the XM360
  • Externally powered 7.62mm co-axial chaingun
  • Low-profile remote weapon station armed with a .50 caliber heavy machine gun

Passive Abilities

  • The M5A2s penalty to accuracy while firing on the move is reduced 25%
  • While stationary, it's maximum attack range increases 10m
  • While stationary, hostile detection range is reduced 25%

Active Abilities

  • AVENGER - 3,000,000 CR, requires Enhanced Fire Control to utilize.
    • Beyond line of sight guided missile equipped with a dual-mode seeker and tandem-shaped charge warhead. 
    • Base effective range is 400m and is ineffective against aircraft
    • 180 second cooldown
      • Tri-Mode Seeker - 1,200,000 CR, + accuracy
        • Combined millimeter wave radar, infrared and semi-active laser guidance package. 
      • Advanced Propulsion - 1,500,000 CR, + attack range
        • Upgraded high performance rocket motor and impulse jets with improved flight control assembly.
      • APEX - 1,800,000 CR, + damage vs. aircraft
        • Dual-purpose warhead optimized for both armor and fragmentation effects against infantry and aircraft. 
  • Hornet Swarm Defense - 3,000,000 CR, requires Chiron Turret to utilize. 
    • Rear turret integrated vertical launcher equipped with long range platoon networked micro-missile interceptors.
    • Activation refills shield points to 200% for 20 seconds or until depleted. 
    • 180 second cooldown
      • Dual Launcher - 1,200,000 CR, + ability duration
        • Additional VLS unit, increases Hornet defense munition capacity. 
      • Black Hornets - 1,500,000 CR, + shield points
        • Redesigned interceptor, reduced size and increased agility with new focused lethality payload and pre-launch loitering capability. 
      • Phantom Ward - 1,800,000 CR, + shield points
        • A.I. controlled active defense management, improved swarm logic to handle complex multi-axis attacks.


The M5A2 performs best when fighting at a distance, making maximum use of its long attack range and high accuracy which allows it to engage hostile units outside of their own effective range and prevent retaliation. When in close combat the Schwarzkopf still retains a significant advantage in accuracy, allowing it to inflict very reliable damage.

When defending, M5A2s should be kept static and ambush hostile units with long range fire, forcing them to retreat or attempt to close the gap. If an enemy unit gets too close the Schwarzkopf's can be ordered to reverse move while firing, preserving it's range advantage for as long as possible. Multiple platoons can be staggered to create overlapping fields of fire. When supported by engineers or transports, properly positioned M5A2 units can effectively deny freedom of moment of armored forces.

When attacking, Schwarzkopf's are fluid and blend their offense into defense then back again. M5A2s should weave between frontal assaults back into reverse move firing in order to minimize its exposure to damage while still inflicted it. While slower than a Panther 1A3, they are still very fast and can utilize their increased accuracy while moving to aggressively flank enemy units.

Offensive Upgrades

  • Tier 1: Improved FLIR - 100,000 CR, + attack range
    • Third generation thermal imaging. New gunner’s primary sight and commander’s independent thermal viewer.
  • Tier 2: Upgraded Stabilization - 300,000 CR, + accuracy 
    • Upgraded dual-axis stabilizer and redesigned recoil breaks allows for more accurate shots at high speed.
  • Tier 3: U-V-X Penetrator - 600,000 CR, + damage
    • 1000mm Uranium-Vanadium alloy penetrator with segmented tip and ammunition datalink.
  • Tier 4: Dual-Band FLIR - 900,000 CR, + attack range
    • Upgraded medium and long wave infrared imaging systems with advanced cryogenic cooling.
  • Tier 5: Enhanced Fire Control - 1,200,000 CR, + attack range
    • Next generation ballistic computer and associated sensors, produces extreme range firing solutions against highly mobile targets.
  • Tier 6: Chimera Rounds - 1,500,000 CR, + damage, + damage vs. aircraft
    • Advanced versatile HEAT munition with multi-mode programmable fuse and specialized datalink. Allows airburst attacks against aircraft.
  • Tier 7: Phantom Gaze - 2,000,000 CR, + accuracy, + attack range
    • A.I. assisted fire control and targeting with full sensor fusion. Additional hunter killer capability via gimbled tertiary independent sight. 
  • Tier 8: Advanced Stabilization - 2,600,000 CR, + accuracy, + rate of fire
    • New dual-axis stabilizer and dynamically tuned shroud. Greatly attenuates barrel vibrations via automatic resonance response system.
  • Tier 9: Hybrid Alloy Penetrator - 3,800,000 CR, + damage, + attack range
    • Nanostructured DU-W alloy penetrator with reinforced amorphous composite jacket. Extreme hardness and density while retaining self-sharpening capability.
  • Tier 10: RAVEN Cannon - 5,000,000 CR, + attack range, + accuracy, + damage
    • Synchronized rarefaction wave technology attenuates recoil forces and amplifies muzzle velocity.

Defensive Upgrades

  • Tier 1: Electro-optical Countermeasures - 100,000 CR, + shield points
    • Upgraded sensor suite synced to directional, multi-spectral smoke grenade launchers and infrared jammers.
  • Tier 2: Improved Composite Armor - 300,000 CR, + hit points
    • Fifth generation heavy armor package. Non-explosive reactive composite array. 
  • Tier 3: '''''Scarab Reactive Tiles - 1,200,000 CR, + hit points
    • Heavy multi-layered reactive armor, effective against tandem-shaped charges and kinetic energy penetrators.
  • Tier 4: Iron Wave - 900,000 CR, + shield points 
    • Anti-missile active defense system and associated millimeter wave radar. Fires precise blasts of explosively formed penetrators.
  • Tier 5: Scylla Reactive Tiles - 1,200,000 CR, + hit points
    • Dynamically charged electric reactive armor, effective against chemical and kinetic energy threats with limited multi-hit capability. 
  • Tier 6: Iron Spear - 1,500,000 CR, + shield points 
    • Advanced active defensive system, new AESA radar and infrared sensors cue improved explosive interceptors effective against both KEPs and missiles.
  • Tier 7: Nanocomposite Armor - 2,000,000 CR, + hit points, + mobility 
    • Advanced nanostructured composite array. Tremendously increased protection and reduced weight.
  • Tier 8: Chiron Turret - 2,600,000 CR, + hit points, + shield points
    • Newly designed turret with thickened frontal and side armor. Reintegrated active defense allowing automated under armor reloads.
  • Tier 9: Citadel Defense Turrets - 3,800,000 CR, + shield points, + shield recharge rate
    • Advanced high capacity munition launchers with significantly increased rotation and reload speed.
  • Tier 10: Obsidian Array - 5,000,000 CR, + hit points, + mobility, -10% damage from tanks
    • Next generation DU alloy reinforced nanocomposite armor. Greatly increased survivability and reduced weight.

Tactical Upgrades

  • Hybrid Electric Drive - 100,000 CR, + mobility 
    • Acoustically suppressed 1500hp hybrid turbodiesel 
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