Brief Description:

The M1209 Light Armored Tactical Transport is Americans answer to the aging HMMWV. Taking into account the lessons learned from the Humvee the LATT has been upgraded heavily to efficiently operate in all battlefield conditions.

Classification: Light Armored Transport


The LATT is armored to withstand small arms fire and fragmentation. It has been very aggressively angeled on it's chassis to direct explosives away from the vehicle, this design is similar to the MRAP or MPC. It's armor array includes high hardness Nanomechanically structured Aluminum/Titanium Steel alloy with ballistic Nylon reinforcement.


The LATT is well armored and can take on 12.7mm rounds, however against a missile it's armor is not strong enough to defeat a shaped charge, the LATT has been fitted with a compacted AN/VLQ-12 Missile Countermeasure Device to help defend the vehicle.


The LATT's armament has been upgraded to improve lethality and increase survivablity of the passengers. The standard LATT carries a single compacted lightweight dual-feed remote controlled 20mm Autocannon. This cannon can fire Saboted Light Armor Penetrator rounds and High Explosive Dual Purpose rounds. Other variants may carry anti-tank guided missile, surface to air missiles, directed energy weapons or simply supplies.

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