• Flaktiger

    Massive Frontal Assault Shock Vehicle

    M-35 MFASV “Mammoth”


    1x 155mm gun, as used on PanzerHaubitze 2000 (Stats for Excalibur ammunition):

    Range: 30km

    Weight: 7,500 kg

    Rate of Fire: 12 rpm continuous, 20 rpm 3 shot burst

    2x 40mm Mk.19 Automatic Grenade Launcher (Stats for Standard Ammunition):

    Range: 2.2km (Effectively 1.5km)

    Weight: 32.8 kg

    Rate of Fire: 350 rpm

    2x 12.7mm M2HB Heavy Machinegun (Stats for Standard Ammunition)

    Range: 2km (Effectively 1.8km)

    Weight: 38 kg

    Rate of Fire: 550 rpm


    Side: 10cm Cobham Ceramic Armor

    Front Hull: 10cm Cobham Ceramic Armor

    Rear Hull: 10cm Cobham Ceramic Armor

    Top Hull: 10cm Cobham Ceramic Armor

    Bottom Hull: 50cm Cobham Ceramic Armor

    Treads: 20cm Steel Plates

    Inter-Tread: 10cm Cobham Ceramic Armor

    Turret: 50cm Cobham …

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