US Army soldier

The United States Army is a branch of the US military responsible for land based military operations. The US Army in EndWar bears strong resemblance to their modern day counterparts. Their main purpose in the game is to support JSF forces by defending key points and launching assaults during the initial phases of a battle or against specified targets.

Force Recon can be deployed by a JSF commander that has the Force Recon support upgrade researched at the barracks. The strength of the Force Recon deployed depends on what level has been researched at the battalions' barracks. Humvees are deployed and have a 50 Cal./rocket launcher turret mounted on their roofs, giving a US Army Force Recon deployment the ability to counter aircraft and to a lesser extent, tanks and IFVs. The US troops which deploy from the Humvees carry the M-16 assault rifle or a variant of it.

A level 2, Force Recon will deploy M1A1/M1A2 tanks significantly increasing the power and duration of a US Force Recon deployment, providing anti-armor firepower. The highest Force Recon is level 3. This force is deployed with 8 Humvees, 8 M1A1/M1A2 Abrams tanks, and 2 platoons of US Army soldiers in the Humvees.

US Force Recons are often used to hold strategic locations on the battlefield, such as bridges, uplinks, targets designated for sabotage in Raid missions, etc. They replace the elite JSF units so the empty unit spaces can be utilized to deploy units needed in other places on the battlefield.

US Army units, as well as their EF and Russian Force Recon equivalents, can beat their more elite counterparts if used correctly.

Known units utilised by the US ArmyEdit

  • U.S. Army riflemen equipped with M-16A2 assault rifles with M203 grenade launchers (if upgraded)
  • M988/M1114 HMMWV Fast Attack Vehicles armed with Rocket launchers and M2HB MG's.
  • M1 Abrams
  • V-22 Opsrey transport helicopter

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