US air force

Razorbacks level an enemy position

The United States Air Force is technologically advanced and very well trained air force of the United States of America. The US Air Force is not as advanced technologically as the ultra advanced European Air Force with laser technology not being available and efficent hydrogen engines not being on par with Europe. However the US Air Force is still among the foremost air forces in the world and is still ahead of the more simplistic Russian Air Force technologically , the USAF is a force not to be reckoned with. The USAF's seen in the game main role is to provide close air support to JSF forces fighting within range of any active American Air Force base and to provide insertion and extraction to JSF forces, whether captured or domestic. The support ranges in efficency from gatling gun strafing runs, to Super MOAB strikes which decimate any enemy instantly. Attack air missions are carried out by the A-20 Razorback the Razorback also carries out any hostile air action that is launched by JSF non helicopter forces, while V-25 Goshawk's carry infantry to and from the battlefield V-120 Valkyries handle heavy lifting transportation operations such as vehicle transportation.

The US Air Force seems to have made little advancement in their jet aircraft with the Razorback being an up armoured F-22 compared to the advancement Europe has made in this field with the Hailstorm being one of the most agile fighters created and the ability to mount laser weapons as a standard weapon on hailstorms that assist the Enforcer Corps,. However the US has made some significant advancements in helicopter technology as they are able to deploy tiltrotor aircraft the AH-80 is also the most advanced combat helicopter in the world being unparrelled in its targetting technology and its advanced rotorwing design, it can also be upgraded to utilize a advanced hydrogen engine.

The US Air Force still uses some old US aircraft like the V-22 Opsrey, A-10 Warthog, F-22 Raptors,etc. that still serves as a backbone to the US ground forces on the battlefield.