USS Reagan Seabase
USS Reagan Seabase map
Location New York, United States
Game Tom Clancy's EndWar
USS Reagan Seabase

The USS Reagan is the world's largest military seaborne operations and staging ship. Built in the state of the art New York Naval Shipyards, it is scheduled to enter service in 2022.

Assault & Conquest missionsEdit

Containing only five uplinks, this map makes for a quick battle. Send some infantry in transports to secure Foxtrot and then hold it. Keep a riflemen squad behind to secure the two uplinks closest to your deployment zone. As you receive reinforcements, send them after the other two uplinks near your opponent's deployment zone. If you keep up the pressure and quickly destroy the hostile units as they arrive on the battlefield, you may be able to win this battle by eliminating all enemy units currently on the battlefield before your opponent can bring in more reinforcements.

Foxtrot is the key uplink on this map. If you control it, you can also control the center of the map. Rush an engineer squad there right at the start.

Since this map is small, artillery by the deployment zones can hit the center of the map at Foxtrot. So if you are securing Foxtrot, send some gunships to take out the hostile artillery before it bombards your units in the middle.

Send your tanks out into the middle of the battlefield, where the terrain is more open and tanks operate better.

Rather than wait for the timer to count down, clear out the enemies around the two uplinks near their deployment zone, then send in a platoon of transports with infantry inside to secure those uplinks for your control.

Raid missionEdit

Raid USS Reagan Seabase

The defender should leave a squad of riflemen behind to secure Lima and Whiskey while sending gunships and other units down towards Yankee and Zulu to attack the enemy units there and away from the critical structures on or near the ship. The attacker, on the other hand, should secure both Yankee and Zulu while sending tanks to destroy Sierra. Then send tanks south to the pier, which leads up to the stern of the ship, to destroy Bravo. Continue across the ship to hit Delta to win the battle.

Both sides should get their infantry moving to secure uplinks so they can be upgraded for support.

The attacker should group together three platoons of tanks for some heavy firepower.

Send your tanks to destroy Sierra first.

Move your tanks up the ramp in the southeast to get to Bravo, then destroy it.