Thierry Dubois
Thierry Dubois
Nationality France French
Born July 14, 1982
Division EWO Enforcer Corps
Infantry battalion Battlegroup 16 (Mechanized)
Appearances Tom Clancy's EndWar

Colonel Thierry Dubois of Enforcer Battlegroup 16 once saw action as a marksman with Scott Mitchell's Ghost unit in North Korea in 2011. He served in France's 3rd Parachute Regiment in an unconventional variety of roles. His brief tour with Ghost Recon was exemplary and his many areas of expertise made him a valuable asset. This wide spectrum of experience gives him a deep understanding of the battlefield and makes it difficult to predict his next move.

Later, he became the Commanding Officer of Battlegroup 16 (Mechanized) in the European Federation Enforcer Corps at the rank of Colonel. Thierry likely has a high level of knowledge in airborne and mechanized warfare due to his service in a parachute brigade and the fact his commanding a mechanized battlegroup.