Terrorist Irregulars are the engineer unit for the terrorist organisation, the Forgotten Army.


They are armed with OTs-14 Groza assault rifles, and missile launchers. They also carry pistols, have communication headsets and basic targeting assistance equipment over one of their eyes. The irregulars wear black clothing consisting of black BDU and trousers they also wear Kevlar body armor, balaclavas are worn to cover their faces.

They are not very well-equipped or trained and the one instance in the game when they are encountered during the attack on the Russian Minsk fusion plant they are easily defeated, making poor use of cover and the munitions they carry.


Forgotten Army soldiers have their own quotes to say in battle,[1] although it is normally difficult to hear them as the player never commands the Forgotten Army and thus they can only be heard by using the Reconnaissance function to zoom in or if they are close enough to the camera to be heard. These quotes are said in a variety of accents, predominantly American, German, French, Italian and Russian. Some quotes seem to refer to cut content, such as suicide weapons.


  • Make them pay for their crimes.
  • I'll kill and die for our cause.
  • Death to the war pigs!
  • The great dismantling is nigh, and we are its agents.
  • For Mother Earth!
  • For Gaia!
  • Technology is extinction.
  • Where are they? We'll make them pay.
  • Their technology will doom them.
  • Gaia is spirit and the power, they're already defeated.
  • Take back the Earth.
  • Take back the planet!
  • Show the war pigs no mercy!
  • Kill, so that Gaia might live!
  • For the planet! And for the future!
  • The Earth can no longer suffer their abuses.
  • We are Gaia's warriors!
  • Our cause is righteous!
  • We're the Earth's chosen defenders!
  • Gaia needs us siblings, only we can save her!
  • Slaughter the war pigs!
  • Technology is their crutch!
  • For Gaia we will fight and we will win!
  • Our cause is righteous and so we will win!
  • Without us, the future is doomed.
  • Gaia is with us, siblings!
  • For Gaia!
  • For the Earth!
  • Win, and save the planet!
  • Don't let them hide behind their tech!
  • I will die for Gaia!
  • Glory to Gaia!
  • We will prevail!
  • Do to them what they've done to Mother Earth!
  • Their technology cannot save them!
  • The truth of our cause will save us!
  • Siblings! For Gaia!
  • It's Gaia's will that we liberate her!
  • In the name of the planet, we will prevail!
  • They don't stand a chance against us!
  • For Gaia and for truth!
  • For the good of Mother Earth, we will attack!

Reply - Disdain

  • Could you shut up just this once?
  • You actually believe that don't you?
  • Idiots like you are why they're winning.
  • You pollute the air when you open your mouth.
  • Oh please be quiet!
  • Must you always prove your dedication?
  • Shut up, or by Gaia I'll shoot you myself!
  • Who decided to recruit morons?
  • Ugh, I'm gonna die surrounded by morons.
  • Why didn't the rest of us think of that?
  • If you really believe that, shoot me now.
  • The words from your mouth make Gaia cry.
  • Ugh, you're so smart.
  • Someone's been reading tactics for dummies.
  • Stay quiet and we'll both be happier!


  • Ugh, my feet hurt all the time, every day.
  • What was I thinking, when I joined you idiots?
  • Am I supposed to believe everything I'm told?
  • Fighting for Gaia isn't worth putting up for this.
  • Ugh, maybe the war pigs are right.
  • You really think this is what Gaia wants?
  • I signed up to save the planet, not for this.
  • Ugh, I'm not sure it's worth it anymore.
  • Do you have any idea why we're doing this?
  • I just can't believe this crap anymore.


  • Death to the enemies of Gaia!
  • Death to war pigs!
  • Death to imperialist thugs!
  • You will die and Gaia will live!
  • Deaths to enemies of the planet!
  • Your blood will water the seeds of a new era!
  • Die, so the world might live!
  • Our planet screams for vengeance!
  • Gaia's blood is on your hands!
  • Death to those who would defile Gaia!

Taunt vs JSF

  • You should've ratified Kyoto!
  • Greedy American pigs!
  • America's rape of the planet ends here!
  • You can't just take what you want anymore!
  • America must fall!

Taunt vs EFEC

  • Never forget the Rainbow Warrior!
  • Imperialist colonisers!
  • Soulless dogs, you're fossils!
  • History has passed you by!
  • Death to the European Federation!

Taunt vs SGB

  • This is for Chernobyl!
  • Vodka swilling dogs!
  • (laughs) Send them back to the gulags!
  • Come on comrades, we're waiting for you!
  • The Kremlin will fall!


  • Oh no, not again!
  • They will never stop hunting for us!
  • What chance do we stand against them?
  • Oh, they're still coming!
  • There's no escaping them!
  • We're were fools to try to fight!
  • We're not here to fight, we're here to die!
  • They're not going to let us get away are they?
  • We can't run and we can't hide!
  • We are done my siblings! Done!

Scared vs JSF

  • The Americans are after us!
  • The Americans' technology is the most evil!
  • Gaia preserve us, the Americans are coming!
  • Why did we have to fight Americans?
  • The Americans are coming!

Scared vs EFEC

  • Europe is hunting us!
  • These Enforcers take no prisoners!
  • Europe is after us!
  • We have angered Europe!
  • These Enforcers are machines!

Scared vs SGB

  • These Russians enjoy killing us!
  • The Russians are war pigs by nature!
  • The Russians won't capture us! They'll mutilate us!
  • There is no life in these Russians' eyes!
  • The Russians will never let us be!


  • The term "Terrorist Irregulars" is coined by the Russians. The Forgotten Army's designation for these troops (if any) is unknown.
  • The trooper in the concept art is missing the actual rocket motors on his RPG-7 rockets.


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