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Tamara Carver
Nationality Flag of the United States svg.png American
Division JointStrikeForce.png Joint Strike Force
Infantry battalion 44th Air Transport Squadron
Unit Carver symbol.png V-26 Condor
Appearances EndWar Online

Carver was a Ghost Recon team leader before the war, and like others in the elite force was reassigned to a Special Operations Battalion when the JSF was formed. Because of her expertise with Air Assault and HALO operations, Carver was promoted to Major and made a flight leader in the 13th Airborne Battalion's 44th Air Transport Squadron. Carver's flight took part in the initial air assault into France during the early hours of the first American invasion, and continued to support battalion operations later as part of Task Force Wolverine in Belgium. Carver and her pilots Became famous for their courage and skill, extracting troops from hot landing zones that no other pilot would touch. Carver and her flight returned to France during the second US invasion, and were called on the evacuate US command elements from Paris following the orbital bombardment of the city. Now back in the US, Carver and her pilots are regarded as one of the best combat transport flights in the JSF.