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The Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL) is a type of weapon used by the European Federation on multiple platforms.


The THEL is a laser based energy weapon and seems to refer to a class of directed-energy weapons. The European Federation liberally employs THELs, as they are used on the LV-20 Charlemagne and, when upgraded, its Archer Combat Drones. The Panther 1A3 can also employ a THEL as an upgrade to its High-Powered Microwave emitter. THELs are also employed as the standard armament of Eurofighter Hailstorms. Finally, the Europeans also employ their most powerful variant in the form of an orbital laser satellite as their faction's WMD to bypass the Space-Land-Air-Missile Shield, which is also referred to as a tactical high-energy laser.[1]

The deployment of THELs was finally enabled when a small research team in France made a breakthrough in laser technology that surpassed all prior laser weaponry. The lasers mounted on EF vehicles use solid-state technology, while the European WMD utilises a chemical laser instead.[2]