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Origin Russia.png Russian Federation
Role Battle Tank
Manufacturer Nikolay Popov, LKZ
Primary user Forgotten Army
Russian Federation Ground Forces
General characteristics
Crew 3
Length 32.6 ft (9.90 m)
Width 11.2 ft (3.40 m)
Height 7.2 ft (2.20 m)
Loaded weight 42 tons
Armament 125 mm 2A46-2 smoothbore gun
7.62 mm PKT coax MG
Engine SG-1000 gas turbine

The T-80 is a previous-generation Main Battle Tank still in service with the Russian Federation Ground Troops.


The Russian Federation Ground Troops deploy it to back up their Spetsnaz brothers-in-arms. The Spetsnaz themselves use the more advanced T-100.

It is also used as the main battle tank of the Forgotten Army, who deploy it from beached cargo ships. It is used by them in every battle of the Prelude to war.

In Game[]

The T-80 is only available once the player purchases Force Recon level 2. When requested, it will travel to the designated point and it will defend there until destroyed. Since it is a Tank, it is effective against out of cover Infantry, Transports, and Artillery at close range. It is weak against Gunships, out of range Artillery, and armed UAVs. Since the T-80 is deployed along side the KMDB FAVs, they will be well protected against any enemy Gunship that tries to attack them.


  • In cut content (for which subtitles were written but audio never recorded) for the end of the first mission in the Prelude to War, Ilaria Cimino raises concerns with Amadou de Bankole about the attacker's use of T-80s. She is suspicious that the attackers, attacking out of what used to be Croatia, used T-80s rather than "M-100 Degman" leftovers from the Croatian military, which she argues does not fit the profile of a warlord's private stock. de Bankole states that T-80s are a common sight since Russia has sold thousands of them to buyers across the globe but Cimino responds that Croatia never purchased any such vehicles and that the tanks are in good condition with a consistent paint scheme. However, de Bankole tells her that given the American's upcoming launch of the Freedom Star and Russia's massive military spending, they have more pressing concerns to attend to.[1]
  • Russia's usage of the T-80 as their Force Recon regular army MBT is a bit strange as the original model of the T-80 had severe issues in combat as seen in the Chechen Wars. The updated T-80U would make more sense. Even so, the game takes place in 2021, long after Russia had begun replacing the T-80U and the T-72B with the T-90 series. With the economic boom that Russia experienced, one would have expected them to produce more T-90s than the older and more expensive Soviet era T-80s. Despite the large amount of T-80s in storage, Russia has sold and exported a large amount to foreign countries including those that made up the Forgotten Army. This would suggest that despite the T-80 being outdated and the T-90 being the superior modern tank (being on equal standing to the American M1 Abrams or Euro Leopard 2), Russia decided to produce T-80s along side the more expensive T-100 Ogres for military usage.
  • The appearance of the T-80 in EndWar seems to be based on the Ukrainian T-84, which is an upgraded T-80 used by post USSR Ukraine.

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