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300px-Stryker ICV front q.jpg
Origin USA.png United States
Role Armored Fighting Vehicle
Manufacturer General Dynamics Land Systems
Primary user U.S. Army
General characteristics
Crew 11
Length 22.1 ft (6.95 m)
Width 8.11 ft (2.72 m)
Height 8.80 ft (2.64 m)
Loaded weight 18,7 tons
Armament M68A2 105mm gun
M2 0.50-inch machine gun
Engine Caterpillar C7350 hp (260 kW)

The Stryker combat vehicle is the main armored fighting vehicle of the stryker brigade combat teams in the EndWar novel.


The Stryker MGS moved into low-rate initial production in 2005 for evaluation. General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada assembles the Stryker for the U.S. Army in a plant in London, Ontario.

The vehicle is employed in Stryker Brigade Combat Teams, light and mobile units based on the Brigade Combat Team Doctrine that relies on vehicles connected by military C4I networks.

The Stryker has come under intense scrutiny from military experts since its introduction in the US Army; this has also been the subject of reporting in the mass media.

General Dynamics's Robotic Systems division was developing Autonomous Navigation for the Stryker and several other vehicles with a $237 million contract until the program was cut in July 2011. TARDEC has also tested an active Magneto Rheological suspension, developed by MillenWorks for the Stryker, at the Yuma Proving Ground, which resulted in greater vehicle stability.

Notable missions:[]

The Stryker brigade combat vehicle was most notably used by the "Sparta" combat team under the command of Captian Chuck Welch. Staff Sergeant Marc Rakken Team Sergeant Nathan Vatz best friend is a member of the "Sparta" callsigns.