EndWar Wiki
Springfield map.png
Location Illinois, United States
Game Tom Clancy's EndWar

The Springfield uplink cluster became operational in mid-2017. It is located between the cities of Springfield and Shelbyville.

Assault & Conquest missions[]

Springfield has a lot of wide-open space around the edges, but there is a perimeter of forest around the town in the center. Infantry moving on foot are extremely vulnerable until they get into the woods and town. Instead of using lots of infantry squads, use only a couple and have transports carry them about the battlefield - especially after the first few opening minutes when enemy gunships or tanks can be prowling. A flanking strategy works well on this map. Send units to secure the two uplinks to the east and west of your deployment zone. Then advance north or south to secure the uplinks along the eastern and western map edges. If you can control and hold onto five, then even after your opponent crashes one of them, you still have four of the remaining seven and the countdown timer will keep ticking down to your victory.

Once units get into the woods and town, they can be tough to see or detect. To find the hostiles, send in gunships, which can look down over the cover,.

Since most of the uplinks are out in the open and far apart, use transports to safely deliver your infantry so they can secure the uplinks for your benefit.

Once detected, units in the town are very vulnerable to artillery. In fact, having two or even three artillery units for this battlefield will give you an advantage. If you can get a stealth riflemen unit into the town to spot, that is even better.

The area between the deployment zones and the woods surrounding the town is open ground. Move quickly across it to avoid being targeted by the enemy.