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Snegurochka is a pseudonym used by the GRU agent Viktoria Antsyforov. She was the lover of both Pavel Doletskaya, a GRU Colonel and the head of the GRU, and possibly the Green Vox, leader of the Green Brigade.


Snegurochka asked Doletskaya to leave his wife for her, but when he refused, she apparently committed suicide. This was actually a plot born of the highest levels of GRU, kept from Doletskaya, and Antsyforov became Snegurochka, the Snow maiden, and supported the Green Brigade in Canada. The novel implies that she and Green Vox may have also been lovers. All of this was in fact a plot by Antsyforov and her brother to get revenge against Russia for it's neglect to care for their brother when he sacrificed himself during a nuclear accident. Russia alerted the United States of America when they realized this, and the U.S. NEST teams deactivated the bomb. When Antsyforov ordered Green Vox to detonate, they didn't go off. In anger, Antsyforov shot Green Vox. She then asked her brother to launch missiles from his submarine, but it was destroyed by the USS Florida, a U.S. Navy submarine.


  • Due to the rules of Russian language, a female's Slav-originated surname should be written with -ova, not -ov. Thus Виктория Анцифорова, Viktoria Antsyforova.