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Santiago Arnavisca
Santiago Arnavisca.png
Nationality Spain.png Spanish
Born January 1, 1966
Division EWO.png Enforcer Corps
Infantry battalion Battlegroup 8 (Mechanized)
Appearances Tom Clancy's EndWar

Colonel Santiago Arnavisca of Enforcer Battlegroup 8 specializes in the use of mounted infantry in offensive operations. Born in Spain to an aristocratic Spanish family, Arnavisca joined the army and served as brigade commander in the Western European Union (WEU) administration of Mostar in Bosnia from 1994 to 1996 before accepting an invitation to join Team Rainbow. He approaches all combat operations with aggression and tenacity.

Santiago's passion and understanding for languages has likely helped him succeed within the EFEC, he understands the languages that are likely spoken most often within the organisation.