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Nick Salvatore
Nationality Flag of the United States svg.png American
Division JointStrikeForce.png Joint Strike Force
Infantry battalion Delta Troop
Unit Salvatore symbol.png M1200 Lumberjack
Appearances EndWar Online

Originally the commanding officer of the JSF's 28th Mechanized Battalion, Salvatore led his force into battle during the first invasion of Europe, guarding the flank of the main American advance from Normandy. The battalion was caught by surprise during the European counterattack from Limoges, and suffered heavy casualties from air and artillery attacks before retreating back towards Calais. This move exposed the US flank and began the disastrous series of events that led to the collapse of the entire operation. Upon returning to the US, Salvatore was relieved of command and reassigned to desk duty, but when the Europeans invaded the US later in the war, the disgraced commander was given another opportunity to prove himself. Assigned to lead Delta Troop, an AAV Company supporting US forces on the northeast front, Salvatore restored his reputation as a dedicated and capable officer. When DC was nuked, Salvatore was one of the first officers to rally to President Alvarez's side, and on his own initiative led a large force of infantry and armored units back to Maryland to support the Commander-in-Chief.