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Origin Flag of the United States svg.png United States
Type Assault Rifle
Manufacturer FN Herstal
Unnamed American manufacturer(s)
Primary user Joint Strike Force
General characteristics
Weight 3.58 kg (7.9 lbs)
Cartridge 6.8x43mm SPC

The SCAR A1 is a 6.8x43mm version of the FN SCAR-H. The rifle is powerful and also easy to handle; it is also highly accurate and precise, falling in line perfectly with the precision-orientated nature of the JSF.


The United States claimed that the modifications required for the caliber conversion made it a completely different weapon with its own patent. This infuriated the original manufacturers of the weapon and numerous lawsuits have followed, none of which have been settled.



The SCAR A1C is a shortened version mentioned in the Specifications tab on the game's website as one of the primary weapons of the JSF Pioneers and appearing in concept art. However, this variant of the SCAR A1 was apparently removed from the final game because the Pioneers instead use standard SCAR A1s during gameplay. The SCARA1C is also mentioned in the game guide.[1]

In Game[]

The SCAR A1 is the standard-issue assault rifle for all Joint Strike Force infantry, specifically the Ghosts and Pioneers, while regular Army forces continue to use M16A4 rifles with M203 grenade launchers attached.



  • The SCAR A1 chambers the 6.8x43mm cartridge which was designed to fit within the dimensions of the M16's 5.56x45mm magazine, but is modeled with the 20-round magazine of the larger 7.62x51mm NATO SCAR-H.
  • By the year of 2020 patents related to FN SCAR construction would have already expired and thus no lawsuits mentioned would be possible. Actually, by 2022 in real world Japan adopted Howa-20 assault rifle, that is essentially an unlicensed clone of FN SCAR-L as it's main infantry arm. Quite remarkable, however, that being an unlicensed copy, Howa-20 rifle is actually MORE expensive than the original FN SCAR is.

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