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Riflemen in combat

Riflemen are the standard infantry of the major powers during World War 3. They are vital to any war effort as they are the most effective unit at capturing uplinks though they are slower to upgrade them than engineers.


There are 6 known riflemen units:

All these elite riflemen are essentially similar, but have some key differences in upgrades, the experience needed for certain upgrades that augment strengths, and weaknesses in the differing factions riflemen. The other riflemen units are the regular army units that each country deploys via Force Recon and during the opening stages of a battle. European Army soldiers use the FAMAS, Russian Army troops use the AK-74, and US Army troops use the M16A2 with an unusable M203 grenade launcher.


Because engineers are slow to capture uplinks, but faster to upgrade them, it can be useful to keep them working in conjunction. Engineers will also be able to eliminate the armored threats riflemen are ineffective against, while riflemen can mow down enemy infantry that Engineers are weak against. Riflemen like all infantry in End War are able to make effective use of cover and are capable of taking on all but tanks while in cover.

When out of cover, riflemen are very vulnerable and will be torn apart. Riflemen can also garrison buildings, taking over the structure and turning it into a de facto fortified point increasing the durability of riflemen considerably and making them deal more damage. Some riflemen units can however be trained in advanced building clearance techniques allowing them to enter a garrisoned structure and clear the building of any soldiers inside. This comes with a high risk-high reward method of attack as they will be vulnerable to the units inside the structure until they reach it and clear it, but ones they do then the enemy unit will be killed outright.

All riflemen platoons are able to gain snipers through upgrading. This gives them increased damage against other infantry forces and also gives them a devastating long range special attack. Snipers can also be upgraded to shoot through cover. Every factions' riflemen are also able to gain stealth abilities that make them invisible to enemies at a certain range. Conversely, riflemen of sufficient experience and upgrades can detect stealth abilities, defeating their enemy counterparts' stealth capability.