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Team Rainbow Members Dieter Weber (Left) and Domingo "Ding" Chavez (Right).

Rainbow is an elite international counter-terrorism unit that recruits hundreds of different soldiers from counter-terrorist Special Forces units. These men and women are elite and specialize in many different areas of military expertize such as the art of marksmanship, demolitions and Close-Quarters Combat. The commander of the organization, based at Hereford military base in England (also home to the revered 22 Special Air Service Regiment) and are under the command of a simulated Major General codenamed Rainbow Six. Notable members include the John Clark who commanded Rainbow through many operations all over the world and also Domingo Chavez who lead a Rainbow team several times comprised of Eddie Price who specialised in CQB (Britain, 22 SAS), Dieter Weber who was the marksman (Germany, GSG-9) and Louis Loiselle who served as the team's recon expert (France, GIGN). Former Rainbow Operatives are also known to be commanders in the European Federation's Enforcer Corps such as Lars Beckenbauer and Santiago Arnavisca.

Notable Members[]