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The Puma AFV is a light armored fighting vehicle that is deployed by the European Federation Army as the standard transport for its infantry. In game, it is deployed through Force Recon.

European Fast Attack Vehicle.jpg

In Game[]

Puma's are the European Federation Army's Fast Attack Vehicle that deploys at Force Recon 1 and beyond. They are classified as Transports, and deliver European Army infantry squads onto the battlefield, and can be used to counter enemy air units. They are armed with rocket pods and a heavy machine gun.


  • Curiously, the Puma appears to be armed with a machine gun that is based off of the XM307, an experimental 25mm automatic grenade launcher that was tested by the US Army before being cancelled in 2007. Note that concept art for the game suggests that the Enforcer Corps would originally have used an XM307 style weapon.

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