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Pascagoula map.png
Location Mississippi, United States
Game Tom Clancy's EndWar

The Pascagoula Refinery became the largest US "fuels" refinery in 2016. It processes well over 900,000 barrels per day. There is no refinery more vital to US energy independence.

Assault & Conquest missions[]

This battlefield has only four uplinks - two near each deployment zone. Victory is rewarded to the bold here. Load up engineers in a transport and send them to one of the uplinks near your opponent's deployment zone to grab it quickly. Leave a riflemen squad behind to secure and upgrade the two uplinks near your deployment zone so you can quickly get three under your control. Relocate your landing zone to the new uplink near the enemy so you can bring reinforcements right into the action to help you defend your uplink.

If the enemy tries to attack you with gunships right at the start, order all of your units to attack with the voice command "Calling All Units Attack Hostile 1." While some units are not great at attacking gunships, the combined force of all your units will shoot down those threats in no time flat

To go for a quick win, load up infantry into transports and send them to one of the distant uplinks. Transports can move fast but can be vulnerable. Send some gunships to escort them.

Structures in the northeast can block the view of your ground units so that you can't see hostiles. Therefore, send your gunships in to locate enemies, but at a distance, and then call in artillery or air strikes. If you find hostile artillery, order your gunships to attack it.

If you have two artillery units, order both of them to fire at the same enemy. Doubling up an attack on a garrisoned infantry unit will quickly bring down the building right on stop of them.