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PD-6 Rottweiler
PD-6 Rottweiler.png
Origin USA.png United States
Role Combat Drone
Primary user Joint Strike Force
General characteristics
Length unknown
Width unknown
Height unknown
Loaded weight unknown
Armament 6.8mm Minigun
Two 70mm rocket pods
Engine classified

The PD-6 Rottweiler is a combat drone in use by the United States Joint Strike Force.


The tracked design of PD-6 Rottweilers makes them slower than EFEC Archers, but with a 6.8mm minigun and two rocket pods, they pack a greater punch, and they are also more heavily armored and constructed. Their sensors are less advanced than the Archers', but once the enemy is found PD-6s rarely miss.

In Game[]

In game, these drones are useful little units, as they cost nothing to deploy from engineers or as escorts for the Command Vehicle. Drones are best used against enemy engineers and gunships as they can easily manage to cause some slight damage to mobile engineers who are unable to fight back and are formidable foes against gunships with their heavy anti-air capability. After being upgraded, they gain some anti-tank punch, but they still will not win against tougher armored vehicles such as transports.


  • A PD-6 without rocket pods

    There is only one upgrade for this unit, and that is the addition of two anti-tank rocket pods. They increase its effectiveness against armored targets.


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