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Ka-65 Howler
Ka-65 Howler.png
Origin Russia.png Russian Federation
Role Attack Helicopter
Primary user Spetsnaz Guard Brigades
General characteristics
Length 13.2 m (43.3 ft)
Width 6.1 m (20 ft)
Height 5.4 m (17.7 ft)
Loaded weight 11 tons
Armament 30 mm cannon
88mm Anti-Tank Missile pods
Engine 2x - 2,500hp conventional turboshaft engines

The Ka-65 Howler is the SGB's Gunship unit. It is equipped with 8 missile pods, 4 on each side, a small cannon under the nose of the helicopter. It can also be upgraded with more deadly missile systems and an upgraded chain gun.


The KA-65 Howler is referred to by some as “the flying tank.” Thanks to its coaxial, counter-rotating, four-blade main rotors, it can generate more than enough power to stay aloft while also being heavily armed and armored. Its unique rotor system also ensures that it is a remarkably stable weapons platform and is very capable of flying through harsh weather conditions. The Howler can easily provide airborne troops support in nearly any situation.

Tech Commentary[]

Robust, durable, tough—these are some of the words used by pilots to describe the KA-65 Howler. When it was decided that the Spetsnaz Guard Brigade needed a new attack helicopter, Russian research and development teams created what is basically a flying tank. The KA-65 is a true all-weather combat helicopter and seats a crew of two: one pilot, one gunner, sitting side by side.

If it weren’t for all its armour and weaponry, the KA-65 would actually be fairly light and remarkably nimble, thanks to all the power that comes from its coaxial rotor system. The Howler can carry more weaponry than any other gunship in the world. Its 30mm cannon was originally developed for use on a ground-based infantry fighting vehicle, and it can carry plenty of 88mm folding-fin rockets and air-to-ground antitank missiles. Since Russia has plenty of oil for its own needs, the KA-65 is powered by fossil fuels.

The KA-65 is so well armoured that even its cockpit glass can withstand 20mm rounds. Tail rotors were often the Achilles heel of gunships, and many guerrilla groups learned to target them with RPGs and rocket fire. The Howler’s coaxial rotor system negates the need for a tail rotor, thereby doing away with this weakness. In fact, there are really no known “soft” spots on the Howler, and no easy way to bring one down without the proper amount of firepower.



  • Selectable Munitions: High Fragmentation, explosive incendiary rounds, Effect + Damage, 100,000 CR, Rank – Recruit (One chevron)
  • 30mm Gun: Quick-firing 30mm gun with unrestricted azimuth, Effect + Attack Range, Cost 300,000 CR, Rank – Regular (two chevrons)
  • Rocket Barrage: Volley of multiple 80mm unguided rockets, Effect Special Attack: Rocket Barrage +Damage +Area of Effect, Cost 900,000 CR, Rank – Hardened (three chevrons)
  • Buratino: 220mm fuel air explosive rocket, Effect +Damage for Rocket Barrage, Cost 1,200,000 CR, Rank – Hardened (three chevrons)
  • Fragmentation Warhead: Focused blast fragmentation warhead, Effect +Damage, Cost 1,500,000 CR, Rank – Veteran (one star)
  • Gyro Stabilizer: Stabilization in 2 axes for improved accuracy, Effect + Accuracy, Cost 1,800,000 CR, Rank – Veteran (one star)
  • Tandem Warhead: Tandem shaped charged warhead to defeat reactive armor, Effect + Damage, Cost 2,100,000 CR, Rank – Veteran (one star)


  • Armored Cabin: Withstands impacts by bullets and 20mm shells, Effect + HP, Cost 100,000 CR, Rank – Recruit (one chevron)
  • Electronic Warfare System: Automatic reaction to incoming projectiles, Effect + HP, Cost 300,000 CR, Rank – Recruit (one chevron)
  • Evasive Maneuvers: Enhanced pilot training in advanced maneuvers, Effect + Shields, Cost 900,000 CR, Rank – Regular (two chevrons)
  • Titanium Armor: Titanium armor added to critical components, Effect + HP, Cost 1,200,000 CR, Rank – Hardened (three chevrons)


  • Power Unit: Engine upgrade for increased speed and performance, Effect + Movement Speed, Cost 100,000 CR, Rank – Recruit (one chevron)

Howler Callsigns[]

The callsigns for the Ka-65 are birds and insects, often predators, or mythological creatures.

  • Buzzard
  • Warwitch
  • Yellow Jacket
  • Moonmoth
  • Condor
  • Hawk Owl
  • Snow Owl
  • Snow Goose
  • Dragonfly
  • Eagle


  • Ka-50 and Ka-52 have their gun mounted on the right side. The undernose cannon is borrowed from Mi-28 Havoc. So is a two-man crew; when Kamov had to add a second crewman, they took a Ka-50, located the seats side-by-side, and called it Ka-52.
  • Ka-50/Ka-52 is one of the few units and vehicles exclusive to the real-world Russian Spetsnaz.


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