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26th Mechanized Battalion
26th Mechanized Battalion.png
Division JointStrikeForce.png Joint Strike Force
Commanding officer Colonel
Joseph J. Gonzalez

Ready to conduct a broad range of missions across the operational continuum the 26th is a classic example of the ‘Joint Strike Force’ concept of maneuver warfare.

Battalion Bonuses[]

Engineers: + 10% HP

Unit Roster[]

4 Platoons of Ghosts (Riflemen)

6 Platoons of Pioneers (Combat Engineers)

4 Platoons of M5A2 Schwarzkopf (Tanks)

6 Platoons of M118 Fastback (Transports)

2 Platoons of M320 Spartan (Artillery)

2 Squadrons of AH-80 Blackfoot (Gunships)

1 C1A5 Archon (Command Vehicle)