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Motto- "The Tip of America's Spear."

15th Special Operations Battalion
15th Special Operations.png
Division JointStrikeForce.png Joint Strike Force
Commanding officer Major General
Nathaniel Goudie

The Special Operations Battalion is among the most highly-trained elements of an already elite force.

Battalion Bonus[]

Riflemen: +10% Damage, -5% HP

Unit Roster[]

Remarks and Combat Style[]

"Brigadier General Nathaniel Goudie, of the elite 15th Special Operations Battalion, is one of the most respected officers in the U.S. Military. He is ferocious on the offense and canny on the defense. To defeat him will be no easy matter." -General Amadou de Bankola (EFEC)

"His reputation as a fearsome adversary is well-earned. If you make a mistake, he will exploit it mercilessly'." -General Sergei Izotov (SGB)