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Motto- "First to Fight."

14th Assault Battalion
14th Assault Battalion.png
Division JointStrikeForce.png Joint Strike Force
Commanding officer Colonel Dmitri Williams

The 14th Assault Battalion specializes in providing combat power by utilizing maneuver, armor protected firepower, and shock action in order to close with and destroy the enemy.

Battalion Bonuses[]

Engineer: +10% Damage, -5% HP

Unit Roster[]

4 Platoons Ghosts (Riflemen)

4 Platoons Pioneers (Combat Engineers)

4 M5A2 Schwarzkopf (Tanks) Platoons

4 M118 Fastback (Transports) Platoons

4 M320 Spartan (Artillery) Platoons

4 AH-80 Blackfoot (Gunships) Squadrons

1 C1A5 Archon (Command Vehicle)