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AMZ-26 Badger's firing their high-powered microwave emitters

The High-Powered Microwave is a directed energy weapon developed by the European Federation for combat and law enforcement applications, which transfers energy to targets via ultra-high frequency radio waves. Primarily applied in less-than-lethal mode, it causes feeling of intense burning to the targets without actual lasting physical damage.

The military-purpose lethal setting is much more fearsome and some commanders prefer not to use it as the end results are described as "horrific". At high power, HPM emitters are capable of literally cooking enemies alive.[1]

In EndWar, both AMZ-26 Badger and Panther 1A3 can mount lethal HPM emitters, with the Badger using it as a special attack, whereas the Panther as a defensive upgrade with a follow-up upgrade to a full-blown Tactical High Energy Laser.