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Ft. Campbell
Ft. Campbell map.png
Location Kentucky, United States
Game Tom Clancy's EndWar
Ft. Campbell.png

Fort Campbell is the headquarters base of the JSF and home to the 101st Airborne Division, the first and greatest fighting division of the JSF.

Assault & Conquest missions[]

Fort Campbell is a night map, which can make visual detection of enemy units - especially infantry-difficult. This battlefield is great for flanking. There are also lots of buildings in which you can garrison your infantry. The uplinks at Foxtrot, Sierra, and Zulu create a front across the middle of the map, though it will take some time to secure all three locations. If your opponent divides his or her force to try to secure multiple uplinks, keep your force concentrated and go after the hostile units one at a time, securing uplinks as you go.

Move your infantry across this map in transports as available. However, if you run into hostile infantry in cover, disembark your own riflemen to deal with them while your transport moves to a safe distance.

Tanks are somewhat at a disadvantage on this map since there are lots of structures for garrisoned infantry and there are few open areas where tanks can really use their long-range firepower effectively.

Since this is a night mission, seek out and destroy the enemy command vehicle. This will limit the enemy's detection ability - especially if you are using stealth riflemen. Locate the command vehicle with your gunships and then use electronic warfare to disable it while your gunships attack, or call in an air strike.

During assault missions, Sierra is usually the location of the main fight since it lies in the middle of the map and along the axis between the two deployment zones.