Announced before 2020, the Freedom Star is an orbital platform planned by the United States government to achieve rapid deployment to any theater of war necessary, in an effort to regain its position as the premier world superpower.


Space Station Feedom ENDWAR
While partly designed for civilian research purposes, the station also houses three companies of U.S. Marines, who can deploy anywhere on Earth within 90 minutes.

International reaction was extremely negative, to say the least. The European Federation and Russia in particular despised the development, seeing it as a way the US could use to neutralize their portion of the Space-Land-Air-Missile Shield and upset the balance of power. The EF withdraw from the already divided NATO in protest.

Prelude to WarEdit

The US continued the plans, and all was set to space-lift the final payload to complete the station, when the April 4th attack slightly delayed it. Shortly before the re-scheduled launch, elements of the Spetsnaz Guard Brigades embark on a covert operation, disguised as Green Brigade members in the novel and as Forgotten Army forces in the game, to upload a computer virus into the European SLAMS network at Rovaniemi Air Base in Finland. The virus causes an EF orbital laser satellite to misidentify the lifter as an InterContinental Ballistic Missile and takes it down. The entire crew is killed, and news reports blaming problems from "malfunction" to "terrorist hijacking" to (finally) "EF satellite." This final act starts a war between the US and the EF.