Hailstorms attacking a hostile during the battle of Washington D.C

The European Federation Air Force is the world's most technologically advanced air force; with Europe being the world's leader in advanced energy sources and energy weapons, its air force has access to advanced and efficent hydrogen engines and deadly laser weaponary. The air force is well trained and equipped, and is used to support both the European army and the European Federation Enforcer Corps in various air support roles, and both the transportation insertion and extraction of troops and armoured and unarmoured vehicles; it is also likely used for logistical missions.

Europe's air force is very likely composed of the various air forces of members of the preceding European Union, however these forces fall under the command of Air Command Europa (ACE) giving them a unified and efficient command structure. Europe also has naval air power, however, whether this comes under the command of the Navy, Air Force or a seperate naval aviation force or even the Army is currently unknown, as is the naval contingent's size and composition, they do contain at the minimum a carrier capable aircraft force, as a news report can reveal an attack on a European supercarrier.