Eurofighter Hailstorm

The Eurofigther Hailstorm is the main ground support fighter for the European Federation in Tom Clancy's EndWar. It appears when the player calls in "Air Strike" when playing as Europe.


Incorporating the best elements of Swedish, French, and German jetfighters first deployed in the early 21st Century, the Hailstorm is one of the most agile fighters ever developed. Hailstorms used to support EFEC missions have been specially modified for improved ground attack capabilities.

In GameEdit

Hailstorms that assist Enforcer battlegroups can be upgraded to use three different weapons these are a high energy laser, air to surface missiles and a high energy laser guided bomb. To gain access to the more destructive weaponry a player must first buy the air strike upgrades.

  • Airstrike One: Free, Attacks small area with THELs. 4 CP, 1 upgraded uplink.
  • Airstrike Two: 900,000 CR, Attacks medium area with air to surface missiles. 5CP, 2 upgraded uplinks.
  • Airstrike Three: 1,200,000 CR, Attacks large area with LGHEBs. 6 CP, 3 upgraded uplinks.

Trivia Edit

  • It seems like an updated version of the Dassault Rafale
  • It's the probable successor of the Eurofighter Typhoon
  • It's the most advanced fighter used by the European Air Force and is likely a fighter-bomber, because it can attack ground targets with bombs and THEL or air targets with missiles and THEL, used as the plane's MG

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