EC 660 Whirlwind
MLunit EUC Osprey
Origin Europe European Federation
Role Heavy lift cargo helicopter
Primary user Enforcers Corps

The EC 660 Whirlwind is the European Federation's main heavy lift helicopter.


Whether lifting off from a remote airstrip or dropping off supplies and equipment on the battlefield, the immense EC 660 can be relied upon to generate the artificial windstorm that is its namesake. Despite its vast size, the Whirlwind has considerable range.



  • The Whirlwind, like all other heavy transports, realistically would not be able to carry four armored vehicles. However, its ability to do this was likely included for gameplay reasons. The logical thing would be to carry one vehicle at a time. This happens only when deploying the LV-20 Charlemagne.
  • The Whirlwind bears some resemblance to the American Chinook and Sea Knight helicopters, though on a much larger scale. In 2010 Boeing and Eurocopter agreed to work on such design making it more of a coincidence the game had to real life. link
  • The "EC" designation would suggest that the Whirlwind is built by Eurocopter (renamed Airbus Helicopters in 2014).

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