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EC 220 Gadfly
EC 220 Gadfly.png
Origin Europe.png European Federation
Role Infantry Transport Aircraft
Primary user Enforcer Corps

The EC 220 Gadfly is an infantry transport helicopter in use by the European Federation's Enforcer Corps.


Built by the same company that makes the PAH-6 Cheetah, the whimsically named Gadfly is a reliable light transport helicopter that can endure harsh weather conditions and is surprisingly nimble for its size. Its unique engine can run either hydrogen or fossil fuels.[1]


Concept art[]


  • The Gadfly appears to be a modernised version of the real life NH-90 helicopter, to which it has a similar appearance.
  • The "EC" designation would suggest that the Gadfly is built by Eurocopter (renamed Airbus Helicopters in 2014).

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