Origin Europe European Federation
Type Bullpup Service Rifle
Manufacturer FN Herstal
Primary user E.F.E.C.
General characteristics
Weight 3.44 kg (7.6 lb)
Cartridge 7mm

The E3000 is the standard issue assault rifle for European Federation Enforcer Corps infantry units.


The E3000 is a 7mm bullpup assault rifle based heavily on the FN F2000. The rifle is highly advanced and has a high rate of fire with considerable stopping power. The rifle is also often modified by the Kommandos who wield it. It is favoured for its stability, accuracy, and its bullpup design.

The rifle was adopted due to the fact that carious conflicts in late 20th and early 21st century demonstrated that the 5.56mm NATO cartridge was inadequate. Thus once the European Federation broke away from NATO, it decided to pursue a new rifle cartridge, which was apparently a modernised version of a .280 round from the 1940s (possibly the .280 British). In response, European manufacturers produced three new rifle designs in the new cartridge for the EFEC. These were the Belgian E3000 carbine, the French FMS AG2 assault rifle and the Austrian UAR 7 bullpup support weapon. The E3000 would ultimately be the one to be adopted, although the UAR 7 did also apparently see some service.


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