During the development of video games, it is common for ideas and concepts to but cut from the final release and EndWar is no exception. This page covers certain features and ideas that were cut from the release version, much of it derived from the game's concept art.

Naval WarfareEdit

Judging by concept art, EndWar was originally going to feature naval units. This has never been implemented and what naval elements that do appear in the game exist as environmental assets. It is unknown how naval warfare was intended to work in the game.

Some the naval art is based off of real-life ships - the US destroyer, for example, is based off of the Zumwalt-class.

Fast Attack VehiclesEdit

It would appear that at some point, EndWar intended to include a unit class known as "fast-attack vehicles" (FAV), which, as their name suggests, would have been highly mobile, lightly armoured vehicles. Concept art exists of this, though it would appear that the Russian FAV did make it into the game as an environmental asset.

Cut AircraftEdit

Some aircraft concepts were cut from the final game. Some of these may simply have been different ideas for existing units, while others were entirely new units.


Cut content recovered from the game files indicates that originally, terrorist groups such as the Forgotten Army and the Green Brigade, as well as possibly others, would appear in the Theater of War multiplayer mode as AI-controlled opponents players could fight against (as opposed to the player-controlled superpower factions), offering players smaller reward bonuses but still contributing to the war effort for their faction. They would have their own terrorist "sub-commanders" who could be fought like the superpower colonels. This concept was ultimately cut from the final game but dialogue from the game files still survives that references this. Here are a few lines, specifically from Amadou de Bankole, from the cut content that discuss the terrorists:

  • "The criminal leading the attack is Jose Ontiveros. His father lead the paramilitary forces that carried out the Mexican coup of 2013, until he was shot off the roof of the US Embassy, by Scott Mitchell no less. This Ontiveros is no less vicious and erratic."
  • "The terrorist leading the attack is Gareth Taylor, an American born eco-extremist. To characterise him as sociopathic would be an understatement."
  • "The sub-commander leading the attack is Gerhardt Becker, a university drop out. Just the sort of underachieving psychotic who should never be given access to munitions."
  • "The criminal behind this attack is Jacque du Leaumont. He started life as a petty criminal in Paris, then graduated to the leadership echelons of a terrorist group. They have such high standards, don't they?"
  • "We do not know which Green Brigade sub-commander will lead the attack, so you will have to be prepared for any contingency."


Several weapons were also cut from the game. Some of these may be mentioned in the game guide but do not appear in the final product.

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