Screenshot of command point display. Shows current number of command points and reserves remaining.

In EndWar, command points (CP) act as a sort of currency during battles. They must be spent in order to call reinforcements and use mission supports, and some special abilities, such as Deep Strike, can only be used if the player has enough command points to spend.

CP accumulate slowly over time, and are awarded for capturing uplinks at a rate of 4 points per uplink captured.

2 CP will be granted in compensation for successfully ordering a unit to evacuate off-map. (Note that neutralized units evacuating will not grant CP, only combat functional units that are manually ordered to retreat off-map will grant CP for compensation.)

At the bottom of the command point indicator is the current reserve count for the player. Each reinforcement used reduces this number, and if it reaches 0, then the player can no longer call upon reinforcements.


Some common uses for command points are their associated costs:

  • Deploying a unit: 4 CP (2 CP during DEFCON)
  • Deep Strike (riflemen ability): 6 CP (+ cost of deploying riflemen)
  • Fortify Uplink (engineers ability): 1 CP
  • Forward Command: 6 CP
  • Crash Uplink: 2 CP
  • Air Strike Level 1: 4 CP

Bear in mind that each captured uplink provides 4 CP, and command points themselves increase at a rate of about 1 point every 20 seconds. Therefore if a player captures one more uplink than the other, that player has up to a one minute, 20 second head start.


While command points aren't a direct representation of whether or not a player is "winning" or how skilled a player is, there are certain things to take into consideration when it comes to managing CP.

  • If DEFCON is about to occur, save up command points so as to use them to their full potential once DEFCON is activated, and deployment costs are halved. This will allow twice as many reinforcements to be called with the same amount of CP.
  • When capturing uplinks, pay attention to the CP counter. If it is 9 or above, that means the player will not receive a full 4 CP for capturing the uplink, as the counter will reach 12 and stop increasing. The player should find a way to spend CP, through mission supports, reinforcements or otherwise just before the uplink is captured, so as to make sure they don't waste any points in this way.
  • If attempting to capture an uplink, and it becomes apparent that the enemy will prevent the infantry from capturing it, it is wise to tell them to simply take cover instead of securing the uplink. By taking the uplink "down" (i.e., removing enemy control but not seizing the uplink completely), the enemy gains a free 4 CP once the infantry are killed and the area cleared. Therefore by aborting the capture one can avoid giving CP to their enemy. In addition, infantry that are taking cover at an uplink rather than capturing it will be slightly more powerful than otherwise.
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