Motto- "Who Dares,Wins."

Battlegroup 4
Battlegroup 4
Division EWO Enforcer Corps
Commanding officer Colonel Antonio Maldini

This specialized attack and counterstrike force became operational in 2014. The core of the unit is made up of Spanish, German, and Italian units.

Battalion BonusesEdit

Gunships: -5% Damage, +10% HP

Unit RosterEdit

6 Platoons Kommandos (Riflemen)

4 Platoons Grenadiers (Combat Engineers)

2 Panther 1A3 (Tanks) Platoons

4 AMZ-26 Badger (Transports) Platoons

2 AMZ-50 Marksman (Artillery) Platoons

6 PAH-6 Cheetah (Gunships) Squadrons

1 LV-20 Charlemagne (Command Vehicle)

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