Motto- "Unity is Strength."

Battlegroup 22
Battlegroup 22
Division EWO Enforcer Corps
Commanding officer Colonel Lars Beckenbauer

France provides the core of this armored Battlegroup, while the engineering and logistic support is German.

Battalion BonusesEdit

Tanks: +10% Damage, -5% HP

Unit RosterEdit

2 Platoons Kommandos (Riflemen)

4 Platoons Grenadiers (Combat Engineers)

6 Panther 1A3 (Tanks) Platoons

4 AMZ-26 Badger (Transports) Platoons

6 AMZ-50 Marksman (Artillery) Platoons

2 PAH-6 Cheetah (Gunships) Squadrons

1 LV-20 Charlemagne (Command Vehicle)

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