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Ogre tanks push deep into Paris

The Battle of Paris was a major land battle on which the Joint Strike Force defended Paris against a massive Russian invasion. It was featured in the trailer for the game and is presumably the same one that is featured in the novel.

In the game there is a cannon Battle of Paris in opening moves where Europe must defend Paris from the Russians. However unlike the novel, it is not the Americans and Russians fighting for Paris as this happens earlier on in the war, before America and Europe become allies.

The Fall of Paris[]

Paris Aftermath

The battle started out with a briefing in which the Americans decided that Paris must not fall or the rest of Europe will soon follow. Footage then cuts to Major General Smith in his C1A5 Archon MCV. He gives the order to deploy multiple squads of riflemen from M118 Fastback IFVs. A large battle occurs, with the riflemen being supported by Pioneers with miniguns and receiving air support from AH-80 Blackfoot gunships. However, the Russians counterattack with tanks and reinforcements, and launch multiple UAVs which shoot down the panicking pilots directly on top of the US forces, causing even more casualties. Eventually the Americans are, for the most part, annihilated by the Russians and soon enemy troops surround Smith's vehicle. The general orders a kinetic strike on his position, and walks outside. He tells the operators a single word, "now," and 3 kinetic rods obliterate him, the Russian forces, and much of Paris.

Later President Becerra is informed of General Smith's death and then saying that "Smith was a good man". It is also said that the Russian forces were destroyed and that they were still holding the line.