Antonio Maldini
Antonio Maldini
Nationality Italy Italian
Born October 14, 1966
Division EWO Enforcer Corps
Infantry battalion Battlegroup 4 (Airborne)
Appearances Tom Clancy's EndWar

Colonel Antonio Maldini of Enforcer Battlegroup 4 is former member of Team Rainbow. He has a reputation as a canny tactician, equally effective on offense and defense. An Italian, Maldini was a member of Italy's elite Gruppo Intervento Special (GIS) counter-terrorist team before becoming a Rainbow operative where he was known as "The Invisible Man" because of his superb stealth skills.

As a commander for EFEC, Antonio Maldini commanded the defence of the European Federation's uplink cluster in Istra, former Croatia on March 23, 2020 and the defence on the raid of the Rozenburg Refinery, Netherlands on April 4, 2020 (both against the terrorist organization named the "Forgotten Army"). He also commanded the offensive on Copenhagen's Port on April 7, 2020 against the Joint Strike Force, which was used as an extraction point for a US black-ops team when trying to capture the European Federation's defence minister, François Pulain. He is one of Europe's foremost commanders proven by the fact that Amadou consistently chose him to handle trouble spots around Europe.