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Amadou de Bankole
Amadou de Bankole.jpg
Nationality France.png French
Birth place Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
Division EWO.png Enforcer Corps

General Amadou de Bankole is the commander of theEuropean Federation Enforcer Corps he also seems to have some amount of regular European army forces under his command as he directly states he has his infantry in position and that the commanders tanks and gunships will assist in defeating the enemy. If Europe is victorious he also states 'you have fought by my side'. Amadou works closely with Ilaria Cimino and the two work from the same HQ to assist the commander.


Renowned as a brilliant strategist and an expert on military history, especially classical and Napoleonic warfare, General De Bankole played a key role in forming the Enforcer Corp when Europe federated in 2018. Born in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, he immigrated with his parents to France in 1980, and won early attention as a chess prodigy. After attending ESM, France's most respected military academy, on scholarship, de Bankole began his meteoric career in the French Army and later as a Naval Commando. By 2012 he had been appointed Commander of the Brigade des Forces Spéciales Terre. He was appointed the first Commander of the Enforcer Corps in 2019.


He is of West African decent and still has a West African accent indicating he may be from one of France's former colonies. However it is unknown if any African states joined the EF. Amadou gives the commanders of the European Corps their orders and information on enemy commanders and battalions. He often gives motivational speeches to his commanders, quoting famous European leaders such as Julius Caesar and Napoleon.

Amadou, more so than the other generals, is very overtly patriotic, calling European territories "sacred ground" and considering the holding of European territory by a foreign power as a permanent shame on his honor. Amadou also believes that glory awaits successful commanders and will often use this idea to encourage his commanders. Amadou also considers seizing the initiative as a vital part of warfare.

He seems to follow a code of honor and, while considering defeat as dishonorable, he shows mercy to the JSF in Copenhagen, allowing them to retreat when he could of simply ordered the Enforcers to exterminate them, despite the fact he was furious at what he perceived as unprovoked American aggression.

He apparently played chess at a professional level as he will sometimes state he retired, if a player confronts Georgi Sokolov he will first state that Georgi is a champion chess player and then says "Unfortunately, I never had a chance to face him myself when I retired in 2008". This shows both a high level of intelligence and desire to challenge himself on Amadou's part.

A JSF or SGB player who is still playing after Turn 40 if WW3 has not yet been resolved may encounter Amadou commanding Battlegroup 1, Special Operations.