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Алексей Носков
Nationality Russia.png Russian
Division Spetsnaz logo.png Spetsnaz
Infantry battalion 58th Fighter Squadron
Unit Noskov symbol.png Mig-66 Hellcat
Appearances EndWar Online
Tom Clancy's Elite Squad

A celebrity in Russia during the war, Noskov was frequently seen in propaganda footage as the image of Russian patriotism. A teenage actor, Noskov joined the Russian military at 18 and became a fighter pilot with the 58th Fighter Squadron. When the war broke out, Noskov flew combat missions over Eastern Europe and became Russia's first ace within just three days. Through pressured to return to Moscow for propaganda purposes, Noskov preferred to remain at the front, and within months was promoted to Flight Leader. By the end of the war, Noskov was feared and respected as one of Russia's top fighter pilots, with no less than fifty-three kills to his credits.